Global temperature change, month by month

Global temperature change, month by month

Recently, several authors attempted to visualize the exceptionality of the global mean temperatures recorded in last months. Without pretending to be exhaustive, I would mention the very impressive spiralling of Ed Hawkins, or also the animation of monthly temperatures with annual records by Tom Randall & Blacki Migliozzi. I think that it is important to stress about the rapidity and intensity of actual global warming, underlining the word GLOBAL (eventual anomalies of few months in small areas of the planet do not have nothing to do with global warming!).

The following animation is my modest contribution. Starting dataset is still from the CRU, and in particular the dataset HadCRUT4 (filled-in by Cowtan and Way) on climexp website. Such data are already anomalies, but I have performed an additional montly detrending by substracting, month by month, the average of the period 1850-1879.

The animation updates, year by year, the coldest and warmer months.