GW continues to break records, in the silence of media.

No news, no bad news, says a proverb. Since last October, 2015, the news is always the same: monthly global temperature anomaly has updated previous record of heat. At least, considering GISS database, that start from 1880. Ten consecutive months, including also the month of June 2016, in which the anomaly was equal to that of June 2015 (and higher than others). Never occurred before. With August well positioned for beating its warm record, the only hope fror avoiding a complete year of records is kept in the month of September. This when ENSO index has turned versus its negative phase, as this global SST animation shows. And this is not a good news.

Below, the update of the plots shown some months ago using linear and spiral visualization, and including the data until July. It is evident in both figures as the red line from October 2015 constitutes the upper border of the temperature ensemble.


Anomaly of monthly global mean temperatures, according with GISS database. Linear visualization.

Both visualizations show the beginning of the actual warming phase, in late 1980’s, and the violent acceleration in last nine months, much larger than those observed in previous large El Niño (positive phase of ENSO) episodes.


Anomaly of monthly global mean temperatures, according with GISS database. Spiral viualization.

Despite these alarming data, the news about the continuous records of global temperatures does not attract public opinion too much. A research of “global warming” keywords on google trends gives a signal slowly decreasing since the peak of 2007, perhaps due to the book and movie of Al Gore “An inconvenient truth”.


“Global warming” key according with google trends.

Of course, soccer and olympic games, or actresses gossips, or Pokemons, are much more attractive news for common people. After all, global temperatures involve just the earth…


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